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Google Apps

Nepean High School has adopted " Google Apps", along with over 10 millions other students across the world!

Click on the links below to see the Class Websites they have created.


Name Email Departments
Amenta, Suzanne
Suzanne.Amenta@ocdsb.ca Resource
Amimi, Nadia
nadia.amimi@ocdsb.ca Math
Aota, Sumi
sumi.aota@ocdsb.ca Science & Biology Google Site
Bakelaar, David
david.bakelaar@ocdsb.ca Outdoor Education, English,& Social Science Google Site
Bifolchi, Wayne
wayne.bifolchi@ocdsb.ca Physical Education Google Site
Carter, Lee
lee.carter@ocdsb.ca Music & Vocals Google Site
Coltman, Caroline
caroline.coltman@ocdsb.ca Drama Google Site
Crilly, Amber amber.crilly@ocdsb.ca English
Dash, Jeff
jeff.dash@ocdsb.ca Physical Education & Technology
Dennis, Dianne
dianne.dennis@ocdsb.ca English Google Site

Demeules, Carole
carole.demeules@ocdsb.ca Math
Drummond, Chris
chris.drummond@ocdsb.ca Social Science
Dunbar, Chris
christopher.dunbar@ocdsb.ca English and Social Science Google Site
Dupuis, Emily
emily.dupuis@ocdsb.ca French and Social Science
Engel, Katie
katie.engel@ocdsb.ca Math Wikispace
Fauteux, Jean-Francois
jean-francois.fauteux@ocdsb.ca Music & Technology Google Site

Giles, Robin
robin.giles@ocdsb.ca Science
Fryer, Jennifer
jennifer.fryer@ocdsb.ca English
Gaspar, Olivera Olivera.Gaspar@ocdsb.ca Resource and Math Google Site
Georges, Sri Kant Cedric Cedric.Georges@ocdsb.ca Science and Math Google site
Gerards, Susanne susanne.gerards@ocdsb.ca Science and Biology Google Site
Gragg, Paul
paul.gragg@ocdsb.ca Science and Physics Google Site
Grodde, Margaret
margaret.grodde@ocdsb.ca Science and Math
Hatton, Caroline
caroline.hatton@ocdsb.ca Cooperative Learning Google Site
Hoogenraad, Stephen
stephen.hoogenraad@ocdsb.ca Social Sciecne Google Site
Kanter, Jeff
jeff.kanter@ocdsb.ca Drama
Kwan, Amy amy.kwan@ocdsb.ca Math
Lafrance, Louise
louise.lafrance@ocdsb.ca Math Google Site
Landry, Connie
connie.landry@ocdsb.ca English Google Site
McPhail, Donna
donna.mcphail@ocdsb.ca Visual art
McTavish, Mark
mark.mctavish@ocdsb.ca Cooperative Learning Google Site
Michel, Claude
claude.michel@ocdsb.ca Social Science Google Site
Miller, Richard
richard.miller@ocdsb.ca Visual Art
Moons, Eva
eva.moons@ocdsb.ca Outdoor Education & Physical Education Google Site
Moore, Paula
paula.moore@ocdsb.ca English Google Site
christina.murray@ocdsb.ca Physical Education
Murray, Leigh
leigh.murray@ocdsb.ca Physical Education Google Site
Novotny, Leona
leona.novotny@ocdsb.ca Math
Pelletier, Line
line.pelletier@ocdsb.ca French Google Site
Pregent, Melissa
melissa.pregent@ocdsb.ca French Google Site
Phillips, Claudette
claudette.phillips@ocdsb.ca Social Science & Science Google Site
Redmond, Jim
jim.redmond@ocdsb.ca Social Science
Roberts, Darrell
darrell.roberts@ocdsb.ca Science & Physics Google Site
Romeo, Rocco
rocco.romeo@ocdsb.ca Music
Roy, Michel
michel.roy@.ocdsb.ca Social Science Google Site
Sanford, Peter
peter.sanford@ocdsb.ca Social Science
Schneider, David
david.schneider@ocdsb.ca Science and Chemistry Google Site
Shouldice, Terry
terence.shouldice@ocdsb.ca English
Shrubb, Andy
andrew.shrubb@ocdsb.ca Science
Simeonova, Desislava
desislava.simeonova@ocdsb.ca Math Google Site
Smid, Gwendolyn
English Google Site
Smith, Alisha
alisha.smith@ocdsb.ca English
Stankovic, Jovan
jovan.stankovic@ocdsb.ca Computer Programming and Math Google Site
Symes, Scot
scot.symes@ocdsb.ca Physical Education Google Site
Tenthorey, Jon
jon.tenthorey@ocdsb.ca Art & Technology Google Site
Tobin, Kenzie
kenzie.tobin@ocdsb.ca Social Science Google Link
Walker, Gillian
gillian.walker@ocdsb.ca French & Languages Google Site
Wallace, Tyler
tyler.wallace@ocdsb.ca Social Science & English Google Site
Watson, Ryan
ryan.watson@ocdsb.ca Physical Education and Math
White, James james.white@ocdsb.ca Physical Education and Technology
Wilson, Andrew
andrew.wilson@ocdsb.ca Social Science Google Site
Wilson, Amy
amy.wilson@ocdsb.ca Math and Guidance
Wyatt, Leah
leah.wyatt@ocdsb.ca English Google Site

Student Services

Friendship, Tracey tracey.friendship@ocdsb.ca Student Success Teacher
Wilson, Amy amy.wilson@ocdsb.ca

Unsworth, John (Head of Student Services - Counselor: L-Pi) john.unsworth@ocdsb.ca

Fraser, Greg greg.fraser@ocdsb.ca

Huard, Debbie debra.huard@ocdsb.ca

Special Education

Amenta, Suzanne suzanne.amenta@ocdsb.ca

Gaspar, Olivera olivera.gaspar@ocdsb.ca
Google Site


Turner, Glenn glenn.turner@ocdsb.ca
Google Site

Educational Assistants

Fenn, Larry larry.fenn@ocdsb.ca

Mitchener, Suzanne suzanne.mitchener@ocdsb.ca

Van Mourik, Sandra sandra.van.mourik@ocdsb.ca

Office Staff:

Christie, Brenda brenda.christie@ocdsb.ca

Hall, Brenda brendal.hall@ocdsb.ca

Holsey, Susan susan.holsey@ocdsb.ca

Drummond, Katherine katherine.drummond@ocdsb.ca

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