Education and Training Events

Education and Training Events - Education and Training Events

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, several educational programs, training, seminars, and conventions were delayed, some cancelled. But with things looking up for the great white north, many of those events are going to push through.

So, if you are looking to attend these events, here are more information about them.

The Global Leadership Summit

This summit is one of the biggest education events in Canada held every year. This year’s event will take place in Toronto from August 6 to August 7. The summit is focused on advancing the educational system here in Canada and at the same time inspiring educators to become leaders in their respective fields of expertise.

This year’s event will focus not only on developing leadership but also achieve the transformation to become better educators for the next generation of students.

IB Global Conference

This is not your usual conference where you hear panellists on stage giving their fresh insights to the current developments in the education sector. The conference to take place in Toronto from July 23 to 26 will gather educators from the Americas to discuss new concepts and methods of teachings.

That is right, this is going to be a collective event wherein everyone will have a say to what the future of teaching will look like. We are expecting some of the most prestigious educators in the region to participate and lead the discussions.

This is the perfect event for you to push through your ideas you believe will benefit future educators and students.

Some events are still not confirmed. However, these two events are the ones you need to keep an eye on if you can attend. There are sure to be social media live streams for each, but we encourage you to experience it in person.

We assure you that it will give you a fresh perspective on the future of education as we continue to deal with so many circumstances. We here at Nepean are looking forward to these events and we hope to see all of you there.