About Us

about nepeanhighschool - About Us

Nepean High School in Ottawa, Ontario is celebrating more than 90 years of being part of the Ottawa community. We provide quality educational content to students.

Nepean is built upon the sacrifice and passion of the generations of educators and administrators that showed excellence in education.

Extensive Education Programs

Here in Nepean, we provide education not only to young students but to young professionals and adults as well. We believe in the saying that it is never too late to get the education you’ve always dreamed of.

We offer different courses for adults who are looking to improve their knowledge or upskill themselves. Our education programs include the various field of studies including business administration, psychology, marketing, public relation, public administration, and so much more. Every year, we look to further expand our list of programs offered to our older target audience.

Education Facilities

We continue to improve and enhance our services. Nepean is home to advanced and strategic education facilities. These facilities are not only meant for us and our students but to our entire community as well.

Several educational, social, and even medical programs were held here and more shortly. We believe in improving our facilities, with the same level of confidence we have on our outstanding faculty, staff, and students.

We look forward to meeting you. Contact us for more information about our educational services and programs.